Fill Your Bucket List Foundation






Situation Analysis: Fill Your Bucket List Foundation is a foundation created to support low-income adults with cancer by making a wish or dream come true. This plan specifically focuses on the April fundraiser, the Bucket Bash. As a new organization, it is important to increase awareness about the foundation as well as increase attendance and donations at the Bucket Bash.

PR Campaign Objective: To increase awareness of the organization and to increase attendance and donations at the Bucket Bash

Target Audiences:

  1. Local Media
  2. Potential donors/attendees of the Bucket Bash
  3. Potential wish recipients


  • Have a featured story about Fill Your Bucket List Foundation in The News & Observer and the UNC General Alumni Association’s “Carolina Alumni Review” by April 2016
  • Raise $100,000 in April 2016 at the Bucket Bash
  • Receive 200 wish nominations by May 2016

PR Strategy:

  • Association: Have Carol Folt attend the Bucket Bash in order to attract attention from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill community and surrounding areas.
  • Awareness: Send a wish recipient to the 2016 Summer Olympics to raise international awareness about the foundation.
  • Social Media: Dedicate more effort to increasing activity on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to spread information about upcoming events, wish recipients and volunteer opportunities.


  1. Send success stories and press releases to the office of Carol Folt to make sure she is aware of the foundation and the Bucket Bash in April 2016.
  2. Find a wish recipient who is interested in attending the 2016 Summer Olympics. Make sure we have the budget to send them to the Olympics via increased attendance at the Bucket Bash. When the recipient is chosen, have news stations cover the recipient. Have a videographer accompany the recipient to Rio de Janeiro in order to have good footage for the news stations.
  3. Increase frequency of social media posts each week. Facebook posts should be updated every 2-3 days, Twitter every 1-2 days and Instagram should have pictures uploaded at least twice a week.



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