Tess Allen is an up and coming journalist and creative professional with passions for storytelling. Her interests in communication are as diverse as her music choices, ranging from creative publications to nonprofit organizations. She graduated with a degree in media & journalism with a focus in public relations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2017. Tess is currently working as an editorial intern for Delta Sky Magazine at MSP-Communications.

Tess has worked with several nonprofit organizations such as Special Olympics NC and Fill Your Bucket List Foundation as well as several successful business startups. In addition to her current work with Delta Sky Magazine, Tess also works with Viking Magazine, Independent Banker Magazine, United Healthcare‘s ReNew Magazine, MNSights and 3M.

She is a North Carolina native currently living in the Twin Cities who is prone to wander, her love of travel and culture taking her across the globe. She loves nothing more than good food, petting your dog, modern art museums and being completely out of her element. She loves finding stories in the mundane and making connections with people amidst diversity.

Photo by Elise Holsonback